Costco and the Bible

Did you hear? Costco has labeled the Bible as fiction.

Now what has that got to do with anything? I would say nothing really.

However, I’m not sure any label would actually do justice to what the Bible is. Literature? Anthology? Non-Fiction? Inspiration? Religion? Self-Help? Myth? Legend? Home Decor?

All of these fit someone’s use of the Bible.

What is being missed in this concern over Costco’s (mis)labeling of the Bible as fiction is that Costco is still selling Bibles. Did you hear me? Costco is selling Bibles. If Costco has some grand scheme to discredit the Bible, would it not be just as easy not to sell Bibles?

So, now, let’s get on to something more productive, like loving our enemies, forgiving those who wrong us, helping the poor . . . you know the kind of stuff imagined in the Bible.


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