Leaning into Life


I would like to introduce you to Jordan Gervais. I met Jordan while working at Western Christian College and High School in Regina, SK (Canada). I did not know Jordan well because he was in the high school division and I worked for the college. After my family and I moved back to the states, Jordan sent me a facebook message. What follows are excerpts from our conversation.

 Jordan Gervais December 10, 2009 at 5:45pm

Hey stan it’s Jordan i am just messageing you too say hi and ask if i could possibly be prayed for because i have cancer and have two brain tumors it has been pretty hard for me i have known about this for three months now and i seem too be getting better but i just thought i should ask anyway thanks alot stan and i hope too hear from you soon take care and god bless.

Stanley N. Helton December 11, 2009 at 9:45am

Wow. Jordan, that is some heavy news. I will be glad to pray for you and have already when I read this the first time. Also our church here in Louisiana has a prayer email list that we send to people to pray. I will add you to our list.

Thanks for letting me know and I’m so sorry that someone so young is facing this. I do know this that God can use your suffering to bless others. I don’t know how this works, but have lived long enough, to have seen it several times.

Where are you now? Send me your address, phone number and email address so I can stay in contact with you.

Jordan Gervais December 12, 2009 at 8:11pm

well i am doing good right now with everything i havent been too sick for two weeks now i have i think two or three more cycles of chemo and then i get a week off then i start radiation so that will be alright they already made a mask for me for the radiation part of the treatments so everything is in order for now

Just today, I received this note from Jordan:

Jordan Gervais August 6 at 11:50am

hey stan how have you been i just wanted to tell you that i am healing very quickly and i start back in school so that i can finally graduate. (Thank You Lord.)

Stanley N. Helton August 6 at 1:52pm

Praise God. I would love to hear more. Did you lose memory; did it change your personality any? What challenges are you now facing, etc.

Thanks for the note.

Jordan Gervais August 6 at 2:08pm

Yes i did lose my short term memory and i have found that it is getting better but i still forget quite a bit of stuf which is to bad but it is coming i’m not sure what personality means but i really find myself listening to ruls more and i also find myself coming closer to the lord i read my bibly everyday and i pray as much as i can as well so thats a good thing and some of the challenges that i am facing now are thing like i still forget alot of things and it upsets and frustrats me so then i just go to the lord in pray and just ask him to help me to just not be upset or frustrated anymore and it seems to help but it just bothers me i guess because i think that i should remember them but i don’t so i think thats why i get so upet you are very welcome for the note and i will talk too you later

I decided after reading this, that today is not such a bad day after all.


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