It’s All About Jesus (Hebrews 1.4-14)

My friend John Mooney once told the story about how he and his son would walk together playing a little word game. John would ask a series of questions to which the correct answer was “Jesus.” After a few of these, his son Josh exclaimed, “Daddy, Jesus is always the answer.”

This is not far off from the way the preacher of Hebrews saw it. When he read the Old Testament (OT), all he could see was Jesus.

After introducing Jesus (1:1-4), the preacher wants his audience to see that Jesus is more important than even the angels. To establish this, he quotes  a string of texts from the OT: Psa.2:7; 2 Sam 7:14; Deut 32:43 (cf. Psa. 97:7); Psa. 104:4; Psa. 45:6-7; Psa. 102:25-27; and finally Psa. 110:1.

The answer to all of these texts is Jesus. To be sure, these texts have their own contexts in the OT,  but for the writer of Hebrews, they all point to Jesus.

Jesus is the king of Psalms 2. Jesus is the Son of God of 2 Sam 7—though the original text referred to Solomon through whom God would establish a dynasty (house) for David.  Furthermore, this Jesus is worthy of worship even from angels who are merely God’s servants.

These are outlandish claims but, wait, the preacher is not done.

Jesus is,—from reading Psalm 45—is GOD. No one would have, or could have, read the text in this way before Jesus came. Yet, even more, Jesus is Lord! Now we are definitely walking on holy ground. The word “LORD” was used in the OT to speak of YHWH, the creator of heaven and earth. So now the Son is not just divine, he somehow is also the LORD. No wonder then that the Father never offered any angel the seat next to him. That seat could only belong to the Son.

Therefore, angels are God servants to take care of us—those who will inherit the salvation the Son has made possible. Truly, Jesus is the answer.


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